Blue Myth II (aka The Samuel L. Jackson Myth Plugin)

by Sword Ring

Here it is, the classic, the legend. A plugin that changes almost all of the multiplayer voice cues like "Game On" and "Flag Captured" into something Samuel L. Jackson might say, in a voice that is very similar to Sam Jackson, indeed.

Definitely R-Rated. Or, bbfc-18. As you prefer.

Also contains a couple of additional obscure cues for the Journeyman, in a kind of flamboyant hair dresser style (God knows why).

This was originally posted at The Mill (remember that?) with the innocuous description "Myth II Sound Outtakes v1.0". It was immediately suspected to be anonymous work by the Wild West sound design guys. But, who knows.

Not for the churchy set, nor the weak of liver. For most others, you may be in tears from laughter or you may just find it to be an awesome adult replacement for the stale old movie trailer guy's voice (RIP).

Have fun.