Alric vs Soulblighter II

by Capital of Crow's Bridge Cartographers

This game was inspired by similar one for Myth: The Fallen Lords in which Avatara and Fallen Lord meet in an battle to decide the fate of the world. Alric and Soulblighter meet again in Alric vs. Soulblighter II... and this time anything goes! What ever side you have, you will have powerful units and even mightier magic at your disposal.

Alric's team consists of... Alric, Berserks, Bowman, Dwarven Heroes, Forest Giants, Heron Guard, Heron Guard Hero, Journeymen.

Soulblighter's team consists of... Bre' Unor, Fetch, Forest Giants, Myrkridia, Soulblighter, Soulless, Warlock Heroes, and Wights.

The battle is set on the terrain map for Desert Between your Ears and is meant for large team games.