WWII Solos

by Capital of Crow's Bridge Cartographers

"We spoke our fears to the Captain and asked what his son could know, for we would never have marched so far to be food for a carrion crow."


Basically what this plugin is, is every "normal" solo level on myth TFL, has been converted so that instead of normal units, you now command the WW2 units made by Santa's Head and converted to Myth TFL by el Bastard.To install this, you need to have version 1.3 of Myth The Fallen Lords, and just drop the WWIISolosTFL.gor file into your myth / tags / plugins folderTo actually play the levels you must be in multiplayer mode, via internet, Bnet or Appletalk options. Select the WWIISolosTFL.gor plugin, and hold down space to access all of the levels in solo/coop mode.


Ever since I heard of WW2 for myth I wanted to play it, alas, when I heard about it I only had Myth the fallen lords, so Timewarp was my only option, yet not many play it, and it has no solo levels, I made this so that people could co-op and solo with WW2 units, just as you can with the mythical solos on Myth II


This plugin sorta began a long time ago and has had many, many revisions to cope with all the bugs that occured with scripts, some of which are not solved.


This Plugin has been created, tested and compiled by the Crows Bridge Cartographers.


The meshes and stli's (just hacked NOT created)
pregame picts
compiling the whole shebang

Crazy Rooster

Excellent testing help. (both Cap and CR found bugs I didnt even know existed)
Great advice, helpful ideas


Excellent testing help. (both Cap and CR found bugs I didnt even know existed)
Great ideas, helpful advice

I (Judd) did most of the editing on a PPC 5260/120mghz, and also on an 8600/250, Apple computers.
Using excellent editing programs such as :

  • Despair, made by Chris Amico
  • Chris Amico's Myth extractor 1.0.1
  • Mons edit, by David Shaw
  • The Fallen sounds
  • stliEdit 1.0b, by Waka
  • Bartok, Lucena Systems
  • Hexedit, by Jim Bumgardne
  • Textura 1.od3, by Kim Foo - Jones
  • Amber 1.0pb3, by Vodi
  • Myth The Fallen Lords, by Bungie
  • Simpletext, by Tom Dowdy

All of these tools worked exceptionally well, once you get to know how to use em of course =) Well, I would like to thank everyone who i have ever played against in myth, and everyone who i have ever played with in co-op games. Especially those WWIITimewarp ones =)

Helpful Tips

BTW, all of the levels have been renamed, and each level has TWO links, dont panic, they both work fine, it just might confuse some people.If you want to access all of the levels at one time, simply hold down space bar when selecting the solo level option in multiplayer.Here is a list of the names when compared to the original levels - @ = Not so Good levels are marked with this = @

  1. Crows Bridge - WWII:Crows Bridge
  2. A Traitors Grave - WWII:The Assasins
  3. Siege of Madrigal - WWII:Sniper's Hole
  4. Homecoming - WWII:Town Combat
  5. Flight from Covenant - WWII:A Tactical Retreat
  6. Force Ten from StoneHeim - WWII:Platoon Ten
  7. Bagrada - WWII:Operation Barborossa
  8. Ambush at Devils overlook - WWII:Artillery Emplacement C
  9. Five Champions - WWII:Peaceful Penetration
  10. . Out of the Barrier - WWII:Blood on the sand
  11. . Silvermines - WWII:Combat Patrol
  12. . In the Shadow of the Mountain - WWII:With Proud Deliberation
  13. . Seven Gates - WWII:Bullet, Bayonet and Bravery
  14. . Forest Heart - WWII:A Beautiful Day
  15. . Heart of Stone - WWII:The Pest Exterminators@
  16. . The Smiths of Muirthemne - WWII:Tomb Raider III@
  17. . Sons of Myrguard - WWII:105th Airborne
  18. . (secret level !) - (secret!)@
  19. . The Road North - WWII:As the rain comes down@
  20. . Across the Gjol - WWII:Rain sweat and tears
  21. . The Watcher - WWII:Sniper
  22. . River of Blood - WWII:Gone West@
  23. . Pools of Iron - WWII:No Retreat@
  24. . The last Battle - WWII:Insane verses@
  25. . The great Devoid - WWII:Least we Forget

As you might realise, many are just renamed in a differant order =)

Hints and tips !?!
  • Field cannons Blow up spectactulary if carrying ammo. Use this against the enemy.
  • Often the enemy wears similar colours to you, but their main colour is brown.
  • Never underestimate the damage one soldier can do.
  • Grab Grenades from fallen enemy and friend alike.
  • Do "pop-up" shots, stay in cover, wait for enemy fire, then pop up and shoot them while they reload.
  • Ditches and buildings offer the best cover against field cannons, as do some trees.
  • Friendly fire is a reality, it can kill many of your men!
  • In some levels, avoidance is a much easier way to prevail.
  • If for some reason a level does not work well, try changing the difficulty.
  • On higher difficulty levels, not only are there more men, but they are harder to kill.
  • Snipers arent really snipers!
  • Dont be near an enemy Field cannon if you plan to shoot it!
Special Thanks

Too Santas Head for creating the WW2 series and to El Bastard for converting them to Myth TFL, without them this would not be possible.If there are any bugs that we havent picked up, please let me know about em.I truly hope you enjoy playing these levels as much as i have had making them and playing them.Have fun, that is compulsory =D