Assault on the Wetlands (Solo & Multipack)

by Sword Ring

By BattleNipple (aka Burning One).

From July 2004, three insane maps, all of which use modified Quake/ADT Marine units. Special weapons and items abound. Needless to say, the action is quite intense.

The Wetlands is a quick solo on an archipelago kind of terrain. Reminds me somewhat of "With Friends Like These" on fifty espressos. Has a detail texture via the Magma/Jon God pack.

Doom Keep is a beautiful fortress, which sadly---and strangely---has no DTex.

Dead Jungle (aka Jungle Fort Assault) has a Magma/Jon God DTex, and is very tightly confined.

Note that the fort/keep maps make an appearance in other plugins (such as "Line of Fire") but originated with BattleNipple as early as 2003.