by Korgath of Idiot Map Making Collective

Among the mountians near Stonehiem is an open basin carved out of the living rock. Once every 70 years, the Dwarves come to this basin to preform a ritual game.

The winners (or survivors as the case often becomes) earn the right to join the hallowed ranks of the Pathfinders. The only weapons given to the contestants are magicaly imbued balls, which literaly drip with the blood of past use. While repulsive in appearance, these orbs are utterly deadly when they find their mark.

May the best Dwarf win!

This map takes one look at netgame maps, and turns the other way: - Scripts are present quite often to add to the randomized gameplay of the meshes; more scripting than is in many solo levels! - There are new units, including Catapults in every mesh... somewhere. - All Myth 2 and TFL meshes have implemented varrying terrain speed (all units but the soulless move faster on roads). - Bloodstone includes 6 meshes: 2 basic myth meshes, 2 bushido optimized meshes, and two tfl modified meshes.

  1. Light: (5team) this is your basic lights mesh
  2. Darkness: (4team) This is a dark mesh, not much different than regular dark maps
  3. Bushido light: (4team) Take a wild guess
  4. Bushido dark: (4team) I bet this one is tough too
  5. TFL Dwarf Riot: (4team) What idiot map is complete without a tfl dorf riot, dwarven airstrikes, duds everywhere, and to top it off, i have added an ambient creature that attacks campers: GOD! That's right, I said god! it smites those not near the flag as time draws to a close on lmoth, and it makes sure that no one can stay on the hill long in koth. this is one of the most meticulous scripts ever created (especially for a netgame).
  6. Bloodstone Arena: (8team) A Valhalla for bloodthirsty myth players, Bloodstone is, by far and away, the bloodiest map in myth's history(unless you have turned on the No Blood lock). It is a mixture between a horror movie and Dorfball. You have to see it to believe it. This mesh also includes all the actions of the TFL dorf riot and then some.