Broken Tundra (Rocket Dorf)

by Sword Ring

Created by Ailil of OMAG in April 1999; original Rocket Dorf unit created in 1998 by Sean Wallitsch (aka ig98) and modified by Ailil (see enclosed Read Me for details).

Broken Tundra has a really cool colormap with crazy elevation changes---hills, rivers, streams---all set in what seems to be the highland areas of Siberia, or something.

Also has the first appearance of a Rocket Dorf in the Myth II game, modified from a former TFL tag (apparently). Sort of like Mortar Dorfs, but cooler and quite a bit more deadly.

All games types are addicting and extremely fun. Has a feel similar to WWII: Recon but with obvious differences. Probably spent a few too many hours playing this one, frankly.

No DTex.

From the Read Me:

All meshes have eight starts with no unit trading. Each map supports Body Count, LMOTH, KOTH, Terries, Captures, Bacon, Flag Rally, Capture the Flag, and Balls on Parade.

Meshes are Ghol Riot, Flak Dorf Riot, Vistan Dorf Riot (inspired by the OMAG standard favorite Vista's Tallow Abbey Dorf Riot), and Rocket Dorf Riot.