by Road


Requires 1.7

This is a collection of the Myth II multiplayer maps with a twist:

Desert (2 Team) Fen (6 Team) Grave (5 Team) Gyre (6 Team) Killing Grounds (6 Teams) Lagoon (6 Teams) Mountian Forts (2 Teams) Plains (5 Teams) Prairie (4 Teams) Snow Creek (2 Teams) Venice (4 Teams)

Instead of each team receiving their usual army they each get a unit that creates a selected unit of the team leaders choosing. Units are created through the use of mana.

To create units the leader selects the creation unit and presses "i" to bring up the inventory screen. The units have been separated based on alliance thus light units are the main attack where as dark is your special attack (T). Select the number representing the unit and click on the ground to create that unit.

Arti # Light Unit / Dark Unit

0 - Spider / Thrall

1 - Warrior / Ghol

2 - H.Guard / Wight

3 - Archer / Soulless

4 - Bezerk / Stygian

5 - Dwarf / Fetch

6 - Jman / Bre'unor

7 - Mort Dwarf / Myrk, small

8 - Warlock / Maul

9 - Trow / Mahir

C.O.M.A. 1.1 is the main plugin, you need this for any other COMA files to work! This restricts the mana used to a limit which is unreplenishable and the Creator unit is immobile.

C.O.M.A. Tag Mobile is an add-on for COMA, this allows the creation unit the ability to move about at a very slow pace.

C.O.M.A. Tag Recharge is an add-on for COMA, this leaves the unit immobile but gathers mana at a slow pace for unit creation.

C.O.M.A. Tag Recharge Mobile is an add-on for COMA, this allows the creation unit to move at a slow pace and gathers mana for creating units.

Special thanks goes out to Renwood, Ooga and the others that helped beta test this project! Thank you Project Magma for making the new MythII version that made this possible!

History 1.1 Fixed Observers in Gimble. Fixed map Vinice.