Raisin BarnII 1.2 for MWC 2012

by Road

Ahh Raisin Barn - a delight to TFL fans everywhere. How many times have your elite Spider Queen flanks ravaged many an unsuspecting nub on Super Blind? How many successful ghol explosive flanks around a house model?

alt Screenshot 1

alt Screenshot 2

Myth's Urban Combat - at it's finest.

This will address the "bug" which allowed units to continually sprint, so normal gameplay will resume on raisin barn and the queens will act EXACTLY like they did in TFL, with the TFL sprinting behavior.

More good news, is that plugins that allow, nay DEPEND, on the sprinting feature where you can continually re-direct your unit, will still be accomodated (myrd will allow people to keep the old sprint style as a mapmaking feature).

1.2 Fixes: Spider Queen TFL sprinting style added to the myth 2 engine in 1.7.1 Dark FFA had an Assasin bug - an assasin unit was set to invisible. Oops! Thats what happens when you rush something out.

Magician bottles (nay, ALL bottles) act like normal m2 bottles again. The offending object tags leftover from Ferrex's attempt to make it TFL-ish (which instead made pus never set sats/bottles off) has been changed back to what it was originally intended.

NEW FEATURE: Hunting FFA light, has a bonus for the adventurous - ambient trow!

They will attack all peasants, and have a nasty AI scripting which will make them act smarter than usual when your units try to take it on. This is an experimental mesh, but we've tried it with numerous people and it adds an element of "OMG" to the map.

And since its hunting, nobody's forcing you to play it! Comments and criticism welcome comments can be sent to ..somebody? and if you find a bug i'll mail you a cookie! Pinkie swear! (Edit, Due to the global recession, cookies are no longer available)

NEW FEATURE: Hunting FFA light, has a bonus for the adventurous - ambient trow!

Happy Mything!

Credits: Ferrex(dead) for, well, everything!

Renwood =58th= for being the only myther Ferrex trusted the map with, whom without we wouldnt be able to even see this beautiful brand new colormap! OOga, for some minor crap that im sure nobdy wants to hear about:P And BIG thanks to Classic of TBH for his multiplayer trow scripting!