Dun Caric

by badlands

A four team, Light and Dark map; a mountain stream twisting down into the grassy plains, with thick groves of trees, and a large variety of terrain.


Creyan the mage was known far in the height of the Cath Bruig empire as the most talented sorceror since the days of Connacht and Myrdred. Armies fell, oceans rose, mountains crumbled all before him. But that winter a comet appeared high in the sky. Knowing the darkness would come this turn, Creyan organized an army to move east with him, and defeat the darkness before other need know the price.

On the 17th of May, Creyan's army woke to hideous smell of rotting meat, the sky red and air foul. Looking eastward Creyan saw trees and mountains that he would have sworn were not their the night before. He felt the earth tremble as it appeared the mountains were moving. Looking closer he could see that moving was not mountains nor trees, but thousands upon thousands of obscene dead. And behind them, rising high above, donned in the whitest silver, was the Leveler. Soldiers fled in terror, but Creyan held still, unyielding to the unspoken threat of the dark. A booming voice, coming from what seemed like all directions spoke to him "I am Balor. Join me, for I sense in you great power.". Creyan declared "I shall never serve you, you cosmic being of evil and discontent."

His words finished, Creyan heard a boom, and witnessed his army burning in place, their dead corpses rising again from the ground, falling in line with the thousands of other walking dead. Creyan burned with rage, his hair rose on end, and around him a shimmering, gold, light could be seen. All about the area small objects defied gravity, the sheer force of his energy bending the will of the universe. In the blink of an eye he was in front of Balor, his fists bringing sparks from the unworldly metal of the mantel of the Leveler. The speed of his movements and force of his will causing great gusts of wind to blast away from the battle.

All throughout though, Balor did not so much as twitch, unaffected by the barage. Seeing his attacks failing, Creyan collected to himself all the energy he could collect, and a great sphere of fire, so hot the rocks and dead around it melted. With an enourmous scream he hurled his orb of death at Balor, and the shockwave was so intense the ground and objects for several miles were flung outwards, legends say some peices still fly to this day. Now alone on a barren plane, he gazed at where the smoke was clearing, and saw, unaffected the Leveler, standing, and laughing.

Almost spent Creyan made a last attempt to destroy the great darkness, collecting to himself all the energy he could, he floated to the Kinf of Terror and destruction. Even at the capital, 3000 miles away, the light from the explosion could be seen. Creyan had used every ounce of strength he possessed to destroy Balor.

Alone in a charred landscape Balor laughed, nothing could destroy him.

In another age armies would compete at the borders of the great explosion. Between them the still dead land caused be the great encounter, and the regrown land, to which the Evil could never wholey destroy.