Lichen unto Death

by badlands

Lichen Unto Death is a two team netmap set in a lush, tropical forest setting that simply screams "defile me, dammit!"

Ahem... anyway, this plugin contains two meshes, a Light and Dark variant, as well as all sorts of nitty gritty tags that you probably don't care about. The Light mesh is aimed at those people who like a balanced, "traditional" Light unit set-up, similar to Creep in the Borderlands. The Dark variant, on the other hand, is for those people who like experimenting with strange new unit interactions and non-standard tactics. Mauls, ghasts, and dwarves provide plenty of opportunity for this.Both meshes are equipped with a new netmap feature, reinforcements.

On higher difficulty levels, each team will recieve reinforcements at set times, provided their General is still alive at the time (note that killing your enemy's General or ambushing his reinforcements is great fun...). These units teleport in and can provide a needed boost in forces, or an unpleasant surprise for your enemy. However, on difficulty levels lower than and including Normal, you don't need to worry about reinforcements, just in case you prefer a straight forward game.

Finally, other features of these maps include the automatic healing areas atop the temples, "Smart ghôls" that use the Special Ability key to trigger their throwing attack (as opposed to it overriding their cleaver all the time), and the all important General unit, who wields a handy single unit confusion spell--you should have little trouble recognizing him.