Fall of Scales

by malek of Renaissance

This two level map takes place shortly after the fall of Avon's Grove but before Myth TFL and involves one of the Fallen Lords. These two levels are independant of another and incorporate different scripting to the difficulty of the player. The first is the perspective of the Dark and the second is the reaction of the Light.

So Renaissance welcomes you to a map six months in the making and the work of many different groups involved within.

A note: although the mesh and ideal might be the same goal there is different routes one can choose. Also in both meshes the higher difficulty has more advance scripting where lower difficulty is tended to be more fun.

  • TFL physics and interface
  • Choice of Light or Dark or both
  • All redone flavors and text
  • All new attack for the Mage
  • Redone TFL airstrike
  • Limitless Armies
  • Beautiful Colormap provided by Giant