Myth II 1.3.2 (Mac)

by Project Magma

Myth II v1.3.2 was the first Myth update created by an organization other than Bungie (i.e. ProjectMagma and MythDev).

It offers two important improvements over its predecessor, namely carbonization (allowing Myth II to run natively under OS X, meaning Mac users will no longer have to boot into classic mode) and a fix for the flashing cursor bug that appears for users of Direct 3D under Windows 2000/XP. Other improvements include improved keyboard and mouse responsiveness and reduced chat lag. Myth II v1.3.2 is entirely backwards compatible with Myth II v1.3 and will work flawlessly on both PlayMyth.Net, and Marius.Net.

Note: This is not the latest version of Myth II and we highly recommend that you download the latest version of Myth II which can be found at