Tagset DTH

by Artilheiro

I made this tagset at the request of Paris.

This tagset is the modified units of my Defend the hill plugin. If you want a touch of realism this tagset is perfect for you, as you've ever wondered why a warrior with the armor he wears takes the same amount of damage as a trhall, and the trhall uses very light armor, or else a soulles where the unit description says he covers poison on his spear, or a beserk for using a very long sword has a small area damage, great for enemy units very close together.

This tagset will have 2 files, one will be dedicated to Player vs Player and the other will be for singleplayer, coop and other plugins(Player vs Computer) that support tagset.

Have fun!!

Update version 3.0

Trow kicks have a 70% chance to stun.

Myrk Giant's attacks have a 40% chance to stun.

Changed the look of the giant spider.

Decreased fetch lightning sound.

Now all dwarfs can use melee attacks, except the mortar dwarf.

Alpine bowman improved accuracy, takes a little longer to attack.

Added Myrkridian Warrior's 2 claw attack animation.

Other changes made.