Thaw Before the Storm

by badlands

Thaw Before the Storm is a winter netmap that comes with two meshes: Thaw Before the Storm for 8-team FFA games and Calm Before the Storm for 2-team games.

"The northerners are a curious sort. Ten months of the year their land is covered in snow, yet they run almost naked through it. They bathe in water that is more often than not shut behind a thick layer of ice. No wonder they are so touch in battle. Berserks they call them, and it is quite evident they are. Only insane people would have homes here. Yet somehow they aren't quite insane, it's as though the cold doesn't even effect them. The other day I watched some children playing. One fell 30 hands from a ledge onto a field of ice shards. Rather than him become bloody the shards cracked beneath him. It is no wonder we won the wars against the Fallen, for not myrkidria nor kithless nor the walking dead can survive the beating they take in a single 12 hour span. They rarely start fires and if so it is to only boil water for the haggis they so deeply crave, and the forests here are a site to behold. If only it weren't so cold. I wonder if ever this land will come to thaw for the brief two months you can actually see grass growing on the ground."