Green Acres

by badlands

Green Acres is a 5-player netmap with three meshes: Light, Dark and Journeyman Mortal Kombat. It is set on a beautiful texture map, and has raised terrain all over for some terrific bowman perches.


Before the war Hodge was a professor at the School of Healing in Covenant. For years he learned all the arts of healing by magic, and the journeymen renowned him for his way of keeping the fabled skill of The Guard alive through the dark times. For two score he healed and brought life to people gauranteed to die.

When he was drafted to fight against Soulblighter he was made medic of the company, and on patrol in the grasslands he and the soldiers he was with were brought to fight against the undead. As the men fell healing before him, the evil magiks of the Myrkridia plaguing there corpses he could do nothing to revive them, and as the battle looked hopeless he picked up a blade to defend himself. As the one remaining Myrkridia stood over him he brought his blade down from above his head striking to leave the beast a large gash it fell before him.

The last warrior remaining had impaled the devil right before his eyes. But his blow now full swing and his reflexes for care and not speed brought the blade through the torso of his kinsmen, the blood spattering around and covering the ground and Hodge himself.

As he sat washing his hands in a pool the rain came up, and glancing at the stains of blood on the ground he muttered repeatedly The rain will wash away the blood.. But his hands were not cleansed. Nay the were covered in red again, not the blood of his kinsmen but his own, for scrubbing so vigorously for hours on end he worn past the quick of his hands and they bled. As he looked down again at this hands and saw the red fluid dripping, his vision went dark and red, and he fell into the pool, bubbling all the way to the bottom, "The rains will wash away the blood. The rains will wash away the blood."