The Bar Room Brawl

by Haravikk of Project Magma

"Balin loved to drink. To drown the sorrows of painful memories and wars long past and replacing them with a giddy, alchohol enriched delight and ecstacy that could be topped by no other was always a refreshing experience. But when dwarves drank they became more violent, and very often a merry quarrel turns quickly into a blood fueled all-out-war - at least it is more interesting than recounting tales of the great war.

Balin didn't see the stool coming, but when it hit he did not feel it. Adrenaline and alchohol blinded him to pain as he quickly drowned his remaining beer and took up his slender knife.

Yes, Balin loved to drink"

Plug-in Overview

This plug-in features four net meshes and a quickly knocked together (but fun) solo mission using a single, small, indoor colour map. Version 1.2 features and additional solo map (see below). The net maps are intended for one dwarf per player bar combat in which a variety of items and special attacks must be used to their fullest effect if you are to remain concious and rise to the top and win in a full fledged game of the new net play type, Brawl.

New in version 1.1

Crystals now make you completely invisible to the enemy (except when attacking or flinching). There is an extra solo mesh which is basically a 10 minute LMOTH against 2 fully scripted enemy dwarves. You cannot die like in normal BRB but instead get teleported to your start (and losing time)

New in version 1.2

Six new items, loads of bugs fixed (I don't think there are any left), 2 new game types (Pathfinder and Hunt the Ghol!). A number of small tweaks


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Look out for BRB2! Much more balanced and stable, coming...eventually...possibly...I hope