The Highlands

by Guildenstern of The Nine =IX=

This is "The highlands", my submission to Gizmo's multiplayer extravaganza contest.

Now picture yourself a great prairie with half forgotten ruins and ancient tombs. Somewhere in the middle an old statue surfaces amidst the waters of a placid lake. Isn't this enough for loving it? Oh maybe you are wondering where the units are... ok, there are up to nine armies you will be surely happy with.



Colormap designed with Adobe photoshop, plugin made with Bungie's Fear and Loathing. Overhead Map created with Jade. Forest Giant by Cydonian and extracted from Barbarian Valley. All copyrights and trademarks involved are properties of their respective owners and authors.

Also I would like to thank the order of the Nine and Oaf for helping me test this thing! Special thanks go to you, Tireces, your enthusiasm has kept me playing this game! Also the guys at (especially Death's Avatar) deserve all my thankfulness, for they offered so many useful insights about the "art of mapmaking".