Orpheus Rising

by gugusm of The Nine =IX=

"It has been 71 years since the end of the Great War and the fall of Balor. Eleven years since the fall of his greatest general, Soulblighter, in the second war. Now, the ageing King Alric has committed himself to rebuilding the Old Empire and restoring its former glory. King Alric learned a powerful lesson from the war with Soulblighter: constant vigilance. Stricter laws on the practise of magic and royal subsidies to pay for cremations are just some of the new measures that have been implemented help guard against evil. However, in the small villages of the West, where the letter of the law is stretched ever so thinly, evil can fester once again...

This new cooperative map by The Nine (IX) tells the story of a small town in their fight against the dark. Not a standard map, this plugin is melee oriented and tosses out many of the old strategies for fighting the dark. This plugin forces players to come up with new and unique ways for combating a variety of unique situations and enemy. The map is also oriented to the vigilant gamer with a number of dark tricks that can only be learned through experience (and hints!). The map has multiple routs with a variety of reenforcements that allow the player to play on his or her strengths. Keep in mind, however, that although the map may appear easy it is in fact very hard on the higher difficulties. With a total of 25-30 units this map allows coop-ers to do what they do best.

Before you play this online with your friends please play it at least once on your own and try to immerse yourself in the atmosphere. We here at The Nine have done our best to make a dark, innovative, and challenging map that will force players to think outside the box. Lots of work has been put into flavour texts and all the little virtues of the map."

text by Sardonac =IX=

Plugin made by Gugusm, Sardonac and with help of Fish and IXers. More info in readme.