The Untold Story

by gugusm of The Nine =IX=

The Untold Story is set during the first years of the Great War, when Soulblighter is going to enter the fight. He's coming back from Untamed Lands. Avatara, who are defying foe in the West, have got no idea what is happening in the East, where people have to defend by themselves. Group of experienced eastern soldiers under Eight Panther Howling Shadow command has been assembled to stop the most powerful Fallen Lord...

This is my first map and it was made for Power of Ten Mapmaking Contest organised by Onyx Warlords. It uses only 10 monster types, but this was one of the contest rules. However, it doesn't mean this map is worse that the others, because the idea of a contest was, that contestant had to make something nice using humble resources. And I think it has been done quite well. Have fun!

NOTE: This is v1.1, because the previous one had a bug. Version from Power of Ten plugin pack is bugged too, but we decided to not upload whole plugin pack again, but only this one map. If you weren't unlucky, you propably didn't notice this bug, but here you have fixed version without it.