Thoran's "Forged North"

by Thoran

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I had nothing to do with this plug-in. Simply releasing it for the community at large.

Thoran (Todd Huffman) is a legend in the Myth community. He started making stuff for TFL before decent editing tools existed, with most of it never seen. With the mythological Badlands outfit, he worked closely with Bungie on their Myth II release. He did the original M2 Civil War maps, and the long-beloved Sleepy Hollow mesh.

As a member of BMF in the days of official Bungie multiplayer servers, he rose to Comet level more than once.

After so much excellence given to the Myth community, he retired to the mountains. Literally.

This is one of Thoran's "unreleased" TFL maps, from September 1997. While TFL has probably seen its day, perhaps some intrepid mapmaker could convert this to M2. A worthy entry, for sure.