Reviews of Gladiators Armageddon v2.1

by DarthRevan555 of Knights of The Golden …


REVIEW: All Flash, No Substance

  • Like the other Gladiators series plugins as well, this map has absolutely no kind of unit, attack, or damage balance present.
  • Some units and attacks are incredibly OP (like some attacks instantly removes all your kills or puts your health to red), while others seem gimped.
  • No feeling of progression because you're getting a constant stream of enemies nonstop with no differential between them. Great maps have an ebb and flow.
  • Way too many enemies all the time constantly. No idea knowing which ones are more powerful and should be a priority because they all look like bosses. When everything is special, none of them are special.
  • Powerups all over the place which make them not feel unique
  • WAY too many Beholders and Wraiths. Being constantly stoned or devetted isn't challenging when there's 900 of them; it's a cheap cop out way to make the player lose.

And finally, last but not least: - No plugin optimization.....AT ALL. This is easily the most bloated single map plugin I've ever seen, coming in at a whopping 1.28 GIGS. There are no plugins that even come close to this size including entire tagsets and total conversions. That's because the units and attack collections are grossly over-rendered, causing the Myth engine itself to basically chug maximum resources. It's scary in 2018 when a Myth plugin causes your computer and graphic card's fans to rev up; I've heard multiple people bring this up, with game freezes also due to it.

It's a shame, because given proper time, attention, and corrections, this plugin and those previous iterations could have been amazing creations with loads of replay-ability.