Leggo My Myth

by Rohan of Men of Rohan

The Myth II SC (SortaConversion™) that dares to be silly.

This is a coversion for everyone who enjoys a good laugh as well as a good game. There are 8 new characters, all new scenery and a new map.

So what is this weird thing anyway?

Leggo is not a waffle conversion (although that's not a bad idea); it's more like what would happen if Lego and Bungie were to spawn a new gaming experience. The goal of Leggo from day one was to be not so serious, but yet keep a high playability.

While Leggo is based on many Myth characters, there are some new units as well. These are the Cavalry, Airship, Dragon and the Duck. Those units add a new dimension to the overall game play, which gives Leggo a unique feel in battle. Leggo is a whole new experience, and a fun one may I add.

There are 2 versions of the map; Leggo My Team (a 2 team map) and Leggo My FFA (a 4 start map). They are based around the same mesh, but the unit selection is different.

Another variation is that you can get wizards and cavalry on Leggo My FFA if you set the difficulty to Legendary.