by Rohan of Men of Rohan

Note: This is the Redux 1.0.1 version by Baak, which fixes several small issues in the original.

Welcome to MythWarrior, a Myth II Soulblighter total conversion. This is my third Total Conversion for Myth, I also made Leggo My Myth and Leggo II: Arena.

While making Leggo II I came upon a indisputable fact: large units that blow stuff up are fun to play. So after many months of work, and many months of no work, MythWarrior is ready to be released.

MythWarrior replaces Myth's medieval units with big robots that are armed to the teeth. With 5 map variants and 1 solo level Mythwarrior has something for everyone. Or at least something for everyone who has a copy of Myth 2 and likes to blow the crap outta stuff.

Team MythWarrior Is: - Rohan MoR - Units, Map - DesignPope - Scenery, Unit Voices - Ares & Synapsed - Single Player Level - Monte MoR - Sound Effects