The Barrens

by Rohan of Men of Rohan

Barrens is the tournament map I always wanted to play. When I was asked to make a map for MWC2K1 I knew exactly what I wanted. The concept is pretty simple, a natural map with interesting elevation changes and subtle obstacles to make flanking interesting, but with all the gullies and choke points to make rushers beware.

I thought the unit set I was making this map around was the light unit set. However after playing the map it was obvious the true star of this map is Venice X2, so named because I just doubled the unit trade from Venice to make it a team game on a whim.

The Venice X2 variant is a hoot. RR's unit trade on Beer and Mud is also very fun. The light version is only useful (fun) in a tournament setting with large teams bc of the sheer number of units.

Version 1.2 fixes the "Bungie Tree Bug".