Roads Skeleton Collection

by Road


Created many years ago with OogaBooga when we where making "Undead Legions" I created Skeletons that could pick-up/use each others weapons.

For the most part the skeleton was to start with a sword with the option to pickup a fallen shield to use a sword and shield and then created a use for bow and axe. A developer can either start them off with weapons and allow them to use fallen weapons or even pick up other creatures weapons.

Includes everything to start the skeletons right off on any map!

Skelton with Sword Skelton with Sword and shield Skelton with axe Skelton with Bow ...all in one collection!

Hue changes include: Primary for weapons and shield Secondary for shield Third color for bone (can be used as mold, dirt, cracks and other effects).

This collection includes sequences for just about everything youd need, from pick-up item to flinch. The archer sequences also include shooting up and down hills.

Items include everything including all body parts for the skeleton and all of the weapons.