Sisters of the Blade Tagset

by Giant of Creation

This tagset was created to allow you to play Sisters of the Blade units on multiplayer maps. Also, great effort was made to make the Myth Solo levels work with this tagset.

Tagset includes 14 different collections (did we mention female units?).


The Order of the Blade-
For thousands of years, the Order had covered the entire known world. This noble religious order protected the peasantry from bandits and evil doers, and spread justice and civilization across the land. But a millenia ago, the Order's ranks were cracked in two by a doctrinal dispute, and a third of it's followers fled into the wilderness. The Order's power has slowly waned since that time, but it remains the largest and strongest power around.

The Skadi-
After traveling far from the Order's land, the "heretics" settled in a dry and hostile region known as the Skadi Waste. A thousand years of fighting for survival in this land has transformed this Order offshoot into half a dozen primitive, nomadic tribes. The Skadi keep largely to themselves, but occasionaly come into conflict with the Order and with mercenary groups.

The Grey Circle-
Following the chaos of the Schisim within the Order, a group of assassins took advantage of the infighting, and consolidated themselves into a single company of mercenaries. Eventualy the Grey Circle expanded their services from assassinations to full blown military operations, working for any wouldbe warlord or small time usurper. The Circle's shady dealings often bring them into conflict with the Order, especialy in the outlying borderlands.