Sisters of the Blade

by Giant of Creation


My name is Asher, and I'm the apprentice of Ezrath, historian and prophet of the Order of the Blade. My job is to assist Ezrath in chronicling the events of the world, and to record his prophecies when he isn't able. I've only had this position for three years, since I first reached the age of a full Order member. In these last three years, things have been... interesting.

I was only six years old when conflicts in doctrine tore the Order apart and almost half our number fled to the Skadi Waste, a harsh and dry region outside our borders. I still remember when my best friend Isac came to my barrack window before the sun had come up, and told me that his parents were taking him away. The next morning, my teacher said that Isac and his family was guilty of heresy, and they were dead to the Order. To this day I don't fully understand what happened. "Ours is not to question, but to do."

But understand or not, that's all in the past. After the Schism, a small group of mercenaries started causing trouble on the border between the Waste and our farmlands. They started calling themselves the Grey Circle, and worked for whoever had enough money to hire them. They weren't a big problem, until they recruited the godless race called Grunes. My barrack-mother used to tell scary stories about the Grunes, but it's now pretty obvious that they're more than just stories.

I said, being a historian is an interesting job lately. It's even more interesting when your superior is a prophet. When Ezrath has a vision, he sometimes starts babbling strange things. It's my job to write down his ravings, and help him decipher them after he comes out of it. Sometimes he scares me, but I think he scares himself just as much. His visions have been happening more frequently in these last few months. Lately they all seem to center around a young woman and her baby, and something vague about treachery and betrayal.

Ezrath believes it's all incredibly important, but none of the Cardinals pay much attention. Personally, I don't know what to believe. Whether he's right or not, Ezrath's prophecies won't come true in my lifetime, he's said as much. "Ours is not to question, but to do."

-Historian Asher, Anno Creare 5027

This was a little project that started about 11 months ago as Demosthenes and I were part of a little group known as the "Idiot Map Making Collective". Demosthenes laughed when I said "I think I will make a tagset" (being I never really made a decent unit). John Malis and Kaylpso allowed the use of a few of their wonderful models and then..

Creation, took Demosthenes and I under their wing, and helped bring new life into this project. With their help, Sisters of the Blade is a now a 4 level solo... near Total Conversion. I am sure you can find lots of Myth in it, but the units (14 of them), maps, scenery, models, etc are new.Be sure to stop by to find out more info on this map. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Oh did I mention, its full of female units, woot! What more could you ask! ;o).