Spectres in the Crypt

by Giant of Idiot Map Making Collective

Remember the Ibis Crown, with all those scary ghosts and stuff? Ever wanted to play a multi game with ghosts? Well... actually you probably didn't. BUT WE DID DANGIT!

Actually it was surprisingly hard to make ghosts that work in a multi game. It involved much experimenting in amber and fear and loathing, but we finally figured it out.

Ok enough puffing up of our abilities and the amount of work we did, on with the description!

This map takes place deep under the surface of Muirthemne, in one of the royal crypts of the emperors. Nuthin' in the crypt except a few bats, some bones, and a thousand years of bad blood between the defenders and attackers of the imperial city.

One hundred ten years ago, during the Wolf Age, Muirthemne was sacked, burned and all but buried under a mountain of rock and sand by Balor and the Fallen Lords.

Today the crypts of Muirthemne lay silent under the earth. The spirits of those who died to defend and to destroy are restless, doomed to forever reenact the horrible battles of the past. Or are they?

The spirits need only break their ethereal cycle, and they may find eternal rest. Now is their chance to end it once for all. Fight well, for the dead need to finish what they started.


This map was made by The Idiot Mapmaking Collective. Scott Melanson aka Giant: Colormaps, Website, Loathing Caleb Hutchins aka Demosthenes: Documentation, Amber, Fear Special Thanks To: Freejack, Beaver, Mazarim and Justice, for beta testing into the wee hours of the night.