The Lands of Three

by Haravikk of Project Magma


A dawn of morning over blood-red skies, Watching and waiting with vengful eyes. Waiting, yes waiting for death to come, Forever will be, only one. Better watch out for the one, the he, For you have entered THE LANDS OF THREE

Strange things have been happening near Trahern's Plain, missing peasants, mass grave robberies, strange shapes lurking in the shadows and even stranger, the deactivation of every World Knot except for one, which is stuttery at best.All these point to one thing, a Necromancer. But who? No-one has that power, no-one except for Balor and Soulblighter, but they're dead aren't they? Let's hope so...


This pack contains three solo maps and a net-map, each solo map has its own colour map while the net-map uses the colour map of the final solo map.This pack also contains two new units, the Boneman (by Bungie, extracted from Chimera by GodzFire). The other unit is the Skeleton Archer by KVLtv.


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