The Mjolnir Project Tagset 1.7 + Map Pack 0.5 [beta]

by oogaBooga of Myth Addicts

Update: Okay, so apparently every single time I try to write a nice description on the tain, some force of nature seems to always manage to ruin the first draft, and subsequent drafts just seem to lack the enthusiasm.

SO! Here goes:

This is the Tagset update from 1.5 to 1.7. Numerous changes, too many to name, mostly tweaks to item drop rates and LOTS of visual niceties added.

Why is this update special? Well, it may not seem like much, but the changes from 1.5 to 1.7 are subtle but extremely nice. You may not notice much off the bat, but play will be much better for a variety of reasons (to which my previously eloquent description of is now lost!).

What else is special about this update? Oh I dunno, just THIS:

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Sooooo anyways. I need help testing the maps. So here's map pack beta 0.4. Comes with light, dark, and marine variants. Marine variants come with 1 marine per team, deadfall style. To simulate deathmatch just throw on the deathmatch option for game settings and put it on Assassin or Body Count. Other game types are fun as well. New net game scenery items such as the steal the bacon ball has also been replaced. And for Assassin, each kill is one point and a suicide is negative one, just like marathon deathmatch scoring. Making the time limit the only game limit. The only thing is the spawns are not random like they should be, so if anyone thinks they can help me script that part, I'd really appreciate it. Then I could finally think about calling this sucker done. Anyways, what follows is the original plugin description from 2010:

The Mjolnir Project is my own vision of Marathon in the Myth engine. It was created with the intent to mimic the behaviors and aesthetics of Marathon more closely than any other Marathon-related project that has been released to date.

This isn't just the SitH tagset with a few tweaks - this is a complete overhaul of everything you can think of. The entire health/damage system was changed to model the attributes in Marathon as exactingly as possible. In fact, you know how SitH had all those Marine units, where Astro had to paste torsos onto legs to make the marine for each different weapon he can hold?

Well, just so I could call it my own, and also so I could fix a lot of visual inconsistencies in the SitH marine collection, I -COMPLETELY- re-did the marines by hand, using a painstaking but far more accurate method of pasting torsos onto legs in a consistent fashion. And while I was at it, I added a bunch of new weapons! Also, the pistol and shotgun marines are single pistol and single shotgun, and that is intentional. I may add the option for double later, but it's not extremely high on my priority list, and I enjoy the balance I was able to achieve with only the single wielding versions.

Aside from the many, many fixes, there is another aspect that sets this project apart from the others - A buttload of new weapons, enemies, and friendlies to play with! Every marine is able to pick up dropped weapons, and can hold up to 9. Dying enemies can drop weapons and health cannisters randomly, and dead bodies can be blown up to yield more undiscovered booty!


New weapons include:

The Pfhor Shockstaff

The Railgun from EVIL

The Nuke Gun from EVIL

The MASER from Rubicon

The Disintegrator from Rubicon

The Carpet Mortar from Rubicon

marines humans pfhor

New enemies include:

Sigma Fighters

Sigma Hunters

Sigma Troopers

Rubicon Chamberlain

Rubicon Thinkers

Rubicon Juggernauts

Rubicon Enforcers

Rubicon Drones

Rubicon Assault Rifle BoBs

Rubicon Cleanroom BoBs

Rubicon Maser BoBs

EVIL Cydrones

I planned to release the tagset along with the mapset i'm working on, but i'll need some dedicated testers to help me get the balance right. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, go ahead and drop me a line at, and we'll setup weekly playtimes that work for everyone.

A huge thanks goes out to LegacyTyphoon and Forrest of, who were instrumental in the development of this project.


Special thanks goes out to OZONE! Who made the original mesh for Beg, Borrow and Steal, and all the models placed on it. I simply fleshed out the mesh itself, fixed and finished a few things, and retextured both the colormap and models in their entirety.

But the mesh and the models, the whole reason why that map is so dang awesome, can be solely attributed to OZONE and his amazing myth model developing skills.

He originally was working on an entirely different concept, and the "healing tube" models all contain the original scripting that ozone implemented, so you can actually put your Marines through on Marine variant of Beg Borrow and Steal, and you will be healed in the exact fashion intended for the original map (which was small vehicle combat).

So if you like that mesh, tell Ozone, not me!

Unless you just like my textures ;)