A Poison Holiday 2007 MWC Edition

by toecutter of Advanced Cartographers …

A beautiful design by limp. I put the crap together.

Light: arcs/wars/thrall/heron/ghols/wight/locks/dorfs stamp=peasants ass=rubber ducks

Dark: trow/morts/fetch/myrks/zerks/souls/mauls/wights stamp=wolves ass=barons

Medium Rare (dantski): 2 forest giants/morts/fetch/myrmidons/souls/wights/ghols/stone ghasts (2x health) stamp=pigs ass=peasants

Ultra Manly (limp's assed out 2005 joke set) 1 forest giant/2 trow/bre u'nor(yay)/myrks/heron guard heroes/locks/dorf heroes/mauls/poison spiders stamp=stealth wights (aka grub wights) ass=bad badtz maru

*in the chat log limp said spider queens, i tried to extract from magma, but it crashed. so i copied it. big spider, bite can freeze like ghasts

**I made the grub wight able to walk onto soul hills like fg. just for fun. yeah.

***I found the old chat logs from making the first version, limp spat out that unit set. I think he was joking, but there it is anyway. enjoy.

2 new units. Rubber ducks and Bad Batz Maru.