WWII Veterans v1.0

by toecutter of Advanced Cartographers …

A larger WWII map with WWII units that have been scripted to progressively vet like mazz units. Aim and speed increase slightly with each kill. It will take some effort to have a unit remain alive who has enough kills to create a veteran advantage. All attacks vet in their own way for each unit type.

Mesh/colourmap based on battle terrain of northern France in World War Two, including hedges, trenches and even earthen lookout ramps. Hills proportionately more realistic and not as exaggerated as WWII Recon map, but "up" bug is still sometimes a pain (it is the fault of the Myth engine).

WWII Veterans v1.0 - Mental Health Warnings:

DO NOT play this map with players who whine about games not being "teams" or "reg", it will be outside of their little familiarity box and comfort zone, so all of the "new" and/or "different" elements of this map would just confuse and frighten them terribly if they found themselves actually trying to play a game on it. So have some compassion and mercy on their fragile egos and weed them out before hitting the start button.

This map is for fun and carnage. Do not play this map if you are not able to enjoy playing this video game or if you actually take it too seriously. This map is for being pleasantly entertained by the pixely 2-dimensional animations of death and explosions of your own units and others.

Do NOT play this map if you are unable to play Myth without becoming emotionally invested - such as you actually become upset if you don't come in 1st place with more than 90% of your units remaining... If you are unable to remain calm when you lose a game of Myth, do not install this map, it may make you cry and haz a sad.