Anywhere Multiplayer Pak

by Baak of Order of H'Pak (OoH)

Baak's Anywhere Multi Pak

Update v1.15 - All-new Dorfball Anywhere game (see readme); Added Blue&Grey and Marathon Anywhere; Extensive enhancements throughout;

Ever loaded your favorite Myth tagset only to find that some units on a map don't convert? Ever wanted to play MythWarrior on Desert, Creep, Lichen, or the Wild West map? Annoyed that Leggo netgame balls are broken? Does the idea of playing Bushido on Fetchball or Wild West on a Dorfball map make you want to hunt down your Myth buddies right now and play?

My Anywhere series lets you play these Myth conversions on hundreds of multiplayer maps including Fetcball and Dorfball:

  • Alien Dark Tide (ADT) by Strangelet (TMBM)
  • A Very Idiot Christmas by Demosthenes
  • A Very Idiot Halloween by Demosthenes
  • Blue & Grey by IronDuke et al
  • Bushido by Creation
  • Dorfball by Badlands
  • Leggo by Rohan (MoR)
  • Marathon/SitH by Astro tSD et al
  • MythWarrior by Rohan (MoR)
  • Uber Ghol Riot (UGR/MiniUGR) by Baak (OoH)
  • The Wild West by Bar 7
  • Worlds Collide by Cydonian
  • WWII by Santa's Head #CP#

A huge amount of effort has gone into making these the best playing tagsets possible - polishing up (in some cases extensively reworking) gameplay, fixing bugs, converting 700 units and 80 projectiles for each plugin, throwing in Easter Eggs, and incorporating Myth II Patch 1.6 features to give you the best possible Myth gaming experience.

Full details in the included Anywhere Multi Pak ReadMe.


P.S. You might also enjoy the Anywhere Solo Pak.