Anywhere Multiplayer OmniPatch

by Baak of Order of H'Pak (OoH)

For those with a slow connection wanting to OmniPatch their v1.9 of the Anywhere Multiplayer Pak to v1.15. If you have a broadband connection simply download v1.15.

(1) This zip contains all the files necessary to go from Anywhere Multiplayer Pak v1.9 to v1.15 using IronDuke/Myrd's OmniPatch Apply application.

If you don't already have OmniPatch Apply (the OS/X version by Myrd contains both the Create and Apply app), grab the right version for you O/S at The Tain:

(2) Place the contents of this zip in your Myth II plugins folder. It contains the 16 patch files necessary to upgrade your existing v1.9 Pak, along with the two new plugins: { Blue&Grey aw115 } and { Marathon aw115 }, and a copy of the {{ No Dorfball Refs }} plugin.

(3) Run OmniPatch Apply on each of the "_Patch - aw19 to aw115 - *" files included in this zip to create the new aw115 file from the old aw19 file.

(4) Once finished you should have a total of 19 aw115 files: