by Baak of Order of H'Pak (OoH)

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The Trebuchet is an intensely fun very-long-range unit created by Soma and extracted (with permission) from his excellent Grilling Grounds (Siege) map. I've modified it with great care to make it even more fun and allow for it to be played just about everywhere.

We've racked up over 200 games with this baby and can tell you they make for some incredible team games!

Capture the Flag on Lichen, Mockingbird, If I had a Trow, Grilling Grounds with Trebs in place of Dorfs and/or other units is wicked! Try 'em with Leggo Airships too (for example: use Trebuchets(dorfs) and Airships(warlocks))!

See the included readme for complete instructions on using Trebs (including their close-range fire arrow / arrow volley attacks), and how to substitute for multiple unit types.