Anywhere Solo Pak

by Baak of Order of H'Pak (OoH)

Anywhere Solo Pak

The Anywhere Series has gone solo!

Now you can play five of the Anywhere Multiplayer Pak conversions on the Myth II Standard Solo maps, as well as Magma's excellent TFL solos, the TSoT solo, CoD-Ire, and Phantom Hounds.

Each of the ADT, Marathon, MythWarrior, Wild West, and Worlds Collide conversions have a "vs Myth" and a "vs Same" plugin ("~solo-" and "~solo+", respectively). This way you can play the conversion against the standard enemy ("vs Myth") or versus converted units ("vs Same").

Each conversion is different (a lot of effort went into balancing units both ways), and in many cases you will have overwhelming superiority, which has the advantage of excellent stress relief (heh) and an opportunity to challenge yourself in other ways. For example, how fast can you play a given level? But beware: you can easily shoot yourself in the foot with superior firepower and suddenly discover you are being overwhelmed!

... that is when playing against the standard Myth units. When playing against converted units you will almost always be outnumbered - sometimes hopelessly - but on those games I've given your units extra sk33lz and/or ammo to help you survive.

Good luck!

Why v0.2?

This is not a beta, but is started at a low version level because I want to get feedback from players and possible additions to the solo map list (I have my eye on Shadow of the Mountain next). v0.1 was released May of 2007 and was four of the conversions (minus Marathon) "vs Myth" only.

Any bugs found, odd/unbalanced unit substitutions encountered, requests, praise, etc. should be reported on the OoH forums or sent to me on the Magma forums via a PM.

Thanks! --Baak