by Baak of Order of H'Pak (OoH)

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My major mod of Bungie's "lost map" Cryptic Wightings inspired by The Gamesters of Triskelion, a Star Trek TOS episode.

Interesting and Unique Features:

  • A huge map extended completely to raised edges with waterfalls at river sources, making it appear you are in a giant arena
  • Completely reworked terrain and water throughout
  • All new maps/units including unique 3-starts-each "intertwined" team maps, large team maps, 6- and 3-start FFA's
  • Dark moonlit night maps with eerie ambient effects
  • Unique and challenging flag/ball layouts on all maps
  • Special Scavenger Hunt Balls 6 to 9 - and Ball "X" - plus an all new game type: True Scavenger Hunt
  • Ball launchers for Bacon/Captures/Scavenger Hunt
  • King of the Hill Equalizers
  • Reworked Bungie Swineherd hunting targets (very skittish - meant for RDF - fun to play solo!)
  • Truce Off Sirens for RDF/UGR/Trebuchets
  • Easter Eggs and more!

Full details in the included Triskelion Readme, which is also available on-line here.