StoneHeart RDF

by Baak of Order of H'Pak (OoH)

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Update v4.1g - Completely revamped Rumble maps plus lots of minor enhancements including 100% compatibility with my Anywhere multiplayer plugins. Enjoy! --Baak ****

A major mod of GimpMask's excellent Return to StoneHeart (used with permission). We play everything on this baby.

Interesting and Unique Features:

  • Maps where players start outside and fight their way in; maps where players start inside and must fight to stay alive!
  • Large selection of Team/FFA maps (2,3,4,6,8,16 starts)
  • Unit trading based on difficulty setting for lots of variety (see readme), while keeping all teams equal at all times
  • Randomly rising/falling gates on two "inside" maps (Frenzy/Cage) for a gaming experience like no other
  • Reinforcements on inside maps even if you die early
  • Strategically placed breakaway walls for explosive units
  • Unique and challenging flag/ball layouts on all maps
  • Wrath of Baak to keep players from attacking early "inside"
  • Special Scavenger Hunt Balls 6 to 9 (and Ball "X"), plus an all-new True Scavenger Hunt game type!
  • Ball launchers for Bacon/Captures/Scavenger Hunt
  • Single unit Assassin games for conversions (RDF/WWII)
  • Great for RDF and just about every conversion under the sun
  • Truce Off Sirens for RDF/UGR/Trebuchets
  • Hilarious Mini Peasant™ hunted units on outside maps
  • Easter Eggs

Full details in the included StoneHeart RDF Readme.