Gardens of Aja

by Giant of Idiot Map Making Collective

An Account of the Mythical Gardens of the kingdom of Ajaby Eight Moon Stone Eagle, 3rd master of the Imperial Archives:

Long ago, before the four ages, there once existed a kingdomknown as Aja. Aja was the greatest centre of the arts and sciencesin all of the free regions. Artisans and architects, writers andpoets, scientists and magicians, all would flock to Aja to studytheir respective crafts.

The years past, and Aja thrived. Its citys were the most impressivein all the world, and it is said that even old Muirthenme wouldpale in comparison. But of all its wonders, the gardens of Ajawere its most beauteous of all. There were masterful marble templesin the middle of the gardens, impressive enough to put even theholy city of Shin into obscurity. The elegant apple blossom treesthat covered the ground with silky pink petals in the springtime, were specially bred for the gardens, and their care was the lifeswork for scores of care givers.

Alas, the Gardens of Aja were destinedto destruction. One of the Levelers of old rose in the west andrazed Aja to the ground, and its gardens were burned and buried.

It is said that one of the Gardens escaped destruction, and stillexists, locked in the southern reaches of the Cloudspine, protectedfrom the ravages of time in a secluded valley. Many men have questedfor the last Garden of Aja, but none have found it and returnedto tell the story...

Now now, we know this is a big download here for a netmap, but there's a reason for that. The reason is because it's full of 7 different meshes, retextured models, new scenery, great pregames, a great colormap, ported TFL netgame sounds and units, and ambient monkeys!

Creation's Pope has allowed us to use a great looking bushido tree and includes a new tree by Giant. Three of the meshes use Creation's great Bushidotagset. The unit selections are Light, Slugfest (elementals, mortars, and spearmen), and a Tengu riot.

Three of the meshes are normal Myth units. Selections are Light, Dark, and Slugfest (you can play bushido on these too).

And no Idiot map would be complete without a good ole fashioned TFL Dwarf Riot, buwahahaha!

The map also includes a very little used trick in which somemeshes appear during the day time, while others are night time... and we even have one with the amber rays of sunset.