Laura Craft - Tomb Robber

by Giant of Idiot Map Making Collective

"One of my father's close friends has gone missing. Dr. Montego was last seen in Santarem, Brazil, a city on the edge of the Amazon river. That was four months ago.

With no small effort and a fair number of discretely dropped pesos, I managed to trace their last activities in the city. Apperently Dr. Montego hired a number of local guides, and purchased a large river boat. The previous owner of said boat seems to have overheard a conversation between the Doctor and his colleagues, wherein they often referenced "el corona de serpiente".

I've read of several references to a serpent-crown, an Incan artifact of great power. It's generally thought that the crown was a myth created by the Spanish Conquistadors to tell their countrymen when they returned home.

Apperently the popular opinion is wrong.I will rent a boat of my own, and attempt to find some trace of Dr. Montego's expidition. I should like to take a look at this Crown of Serpents myself."

Tomb Robber Features:

  • New models including animated models
  • New scenery
  • New units
  • New sounds
  • New effects

Thanks to all who have worked on this... Demosthenes, Alpha, Ghost, Xome, Discordia, Ama and Pope.