Stone Heart

by GimpMask

A stone fortification stands in the heart of the Shendin valley. It has been there for longer than any can recount, and none can say by whom it was built.Hence, this nameless place has come to be known as the "Stone Heart."

Short on story, but big on fun...

This map is designed based around a "maze" in the center. The walls of the maze do not make the structure so much a trial to navigate through, but rather provide a lot of corners and arches to hide units from the deadliest of ranged units known to the Myth world (dwarves and archer heroes).

WARNING! This map is designed to be played by "skilled" players. New players, particularly those that have not mastered small unit tactics, dwarves, archers, or camera handling, WILL GET SLAUGHTERED by those who have mastered these techniques.