Azkruic Epoch

by GimpMask

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This is the revision of my original two mesh plug-in "Azkruic Epoch." I received a good response from version 1.0 and wanted to "clean up" and release a better version to accommodate online play.

This is an original two mesh plug-in set in the same region, but spaced about a century apart. Drastic climactic changes have caused the region to go from a lush primordial forest to a desolate wasteland.

The primordial forest is the dark mesh, with troops like Beserkers, Bre' Unor, Ghasts, Myrkridia Giants, Myrkridia, Spiders, and Wights. The terrain is composed of heavily wooded highlands that are divided by a ravine cut by the ageless Azkruic river, and the river basin itself on the lowlands.

The wasteland is the light mesh and has units like Archers, Dwarves, Ghôls, Journeymen, Thralls, Warlocks, Warriors, and Wights. The terrain is a barren waste, and a long abandoned keep stands at the heart of the map (which is not in the dark mesh).