Bald Hill

by GimpMask

Crossing the ridge of the Ganduis Abandi (Tul. "Grand Cleaving") is common along the road between the villages of Pigit and Driski. Here the road reaches the summit of Mun Dhule (Tul "Bald Hill"), and from that vantage one can see the lands for miles. It is for this reason that the area has become a point of contention in the war of ten years. Armies clash at this place, and it is said that the dead are unable to leave the roiled grounds soaked for so long in the blood of the violent...

This is a team map that was intended as an "archers rule the open fields" senerio. However, in the world of Myth, with the beauty of it's game mechanics, archers are just another unit that specializes in their particular field. That having been said, the "archer" attitude is established on the "Legion" mesh by the inclusion of one (1) archer hero per difficulty level (up to five (5) maximum on legendary).

There are two meshes in this plug-in: "Bald Hill, Legion" and "Bald Hill, Clan." The map requires skill sets in archer management, melee micro-management, and pusing is a bonus (and is provided for). The units selections are well balanced to offset one another as a default, but crafty players will use one or another of the tools listed above to their advantage.