Wasteland Arena

by GimpMask

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I created this netmap inspired by the Bungie netmap "Venice." Still, it strayed quite a bit from that theme, and the final product is nothing like the original concept aside from the unit selection on one of the meshes.

Here are a few of the features of this plug-in:

  1. A new unit, the Sak Cannon by Korgath of Creation, will blast its way into your heart with it's incredible range and chaotic aim.
  2. New scenery objects grace this rugged landscape. Stone pilings that ring the arena compound serve as good cover from missile units, and desiccated desert trees have a few sturdy branches left for the loser to splint broken limbs.
  3. A few modified units change the gameplay:
  4. Stygian Knights are now mosty immune to lightning as well as arrows, though they can be destroyed by healing (Journeyman or Heron Guard).
  5. Ghôl heroes are the mutant elite of their breed. Called "Dire ghôls," these nasty beasts can compete on the level with other hero unit types.

The readme contains more information than provided here.l