by GimpMask

First of all, this plug-in is the answer to those that made suggestions about my previous release "Stone Heart." It has four meshes, each taking advantage of the various facets of the Myth engine to grant satisfying gameplay.

These maps are large ("desert" sized), and have varying terrains to enhance play. The northwest corner is a cypress marsh with little dry land and numerous "sinks," while the southeast is a woodlands bisected by a meandering river. The center of the map (running southwest to northeast) is the levee itself -- raised stoneworks that has been overgrown by the surrounding woodlands. The center is the old "lock" of the levee, a watery hole that is operated by magic when the wetlands to the north flood.

One of my personal quests is to toss stealth into the mix of glorious battle. For this reason, I utilize some unorthodox units and establish very specific unit balances.

The Story.

The Talus is a levee built on the eastern fringes of the great Ghenjiwash marsh by the late emporer Mantuis Traemin. It was built to protect the lands of Andwersa from the catastrophic flooding that plagues those that dwell in the region. It is a massive earthenworks guilded by stones quarried from the Yordja province.

When the waters of the Ghenjiwash rise, the lock of the Talus is used to feed the river Yandis. This river, which races from the headwaters, comes to meander gently through the lands of Andwersa.

During the time of these battles, the waters of the Ghenjiwash are low...