The Pit of Fiends

by GimpMask

The Story:

The pit of fiends is a lifeless rock island that drifts in the endless black sea of the void. It was crafted untold millennia ago by powerful magicks, and can only be reached by kindred means.

The sinister role of this place is unknown to those that walk beneath the sun, for only the minions of darkness will come here. To spare themselves the costly loss of their legions in needless civil wars, the lords of darkness established a ritual to resolve their petty differences. They select the strongest from among their minions to champion their cause. As the minions prevail, so too does the lord they serve.

About the map:

Enjoy "The Pit of fiends," which is my first map. I've tinkered with it long enough to feel comfortable releasing it, but their are bound to be some snags. Eventhough I've never made a map, I have 3 years experience with Myth (I'm from the beginning), and I feel comfortable saying that the map is enjoyable. However, I'd appreciate any comments, thoughts, or complaints. Also, please report any bugs to me, so I can fix them. Contact me at

I included a number of game types to please the masses, but a few are made impossible/unfair by the terrain. Assassin, BC, CTF, Flag Rally, KOTH, LMOTH, and Territories are the included game types, but . All ball games are excluded because the balls can vanish into the "void," which is kinda lame. I didn't include hunting or stampede because they aren't worth the effort in my opinion, and they really don't fit the motif.

There is only one mesh in this plug-in, and its dark. Again, the strategic design and motif dictates that I limit this aspect of the map. The Units include a Fetch (which you cannot trade since it is the team leader), Ghols, Mauls, Soulless, and Spiders. The troop selection may seem sparse, but again remember that the map is designed with their abilities in mind.

This is not a "quickie" map. Aside from the fact that this is a large map, I also designed it with a great many strategic obstacles. It is more of a "maneuvering into combat" map than it is a "race in and kill" map. Expect game times to be over 10 minutes (I suggest 12 to 16 minutes on your first game). I realize this will alienate that large number of players that have the attention span of a gnat, and I can appreciate the need for speed on occasion, but I prefer a good long game to a bunch of mindless "quickies."