by GimpMask

This is a quickie plug I coughed up for those Trow fiends out there. The meshes contained here are essentially Trow soccer games with differing numbers of starts (2, 4, and 8 starts). The units are all melee -- Trows (the star players), Beserks, Mauls and Myrkridia (small) -- and most of the game types involve balls (though not all) and lots of carnage (all).

Please be aware that there are no missle units. That is the point of the plug (so don't complain).

This plug is a small map designed like an open arena (similar in that respect to Proving grounds). The new scenery elements are the same as those found in my recent netmap "Wasteland Arena" (Also available here at the Mill). The download is cheap (1 meg) and the play is surprisingly fun.